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Combination Ovens – The Benefits!

Posted On 11 December 2015

If you’re thinking of purchasing a combination oven, here are some questions to ask that may help you make the right decision.

What are they?

Combination Ovens are great for warming food, cooking cakes and roast dinners and even making grilled cheese. They cook the food from the inside and the convention part browns the foods, like pastries and such.

You may also want to think about the size of your new purchase, if you require more features.

What size do i need to consider?

They can come in all different shapes and sizes and the main question is do you have the bench space or cupboard space to store a Combination oven.

  • You will need to allow at least 5-10 cm around the oven so that air can flow freely

What are the benefits of a combination oven?

  • They can replace an oven if you get the right size.
  • They don’t heat your kitchens to the same extent as a regular oven.
  • They tend to heat up a lot quicker and also cook faster.
  • They use less power than a regular sized electric oven.
  • You can toast, defrost, bake, grill, re-heat, brown, keep food warm and even raise bread dough

No kitchen can function effectively without good quality catering equipment. Choosing the best commercial catering equipment for your restaurant is an important and integral part of commercial catering.

Let us help you choose the right the Combination oven for your requirements.

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