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Looking After your Commercial Refrigeration Equipment

Posted On 9 December 2015

Preventative maintenance keeps your heating and air conditioning systems running reliably and efficiently especially in hot weather. What you may not realise is that regular services are just as important for your refrigeration equipment. If these systems go down they can cost an unexpected fortune. Refrigeration units can consume too much energy, which can cost your wallet. Preventative care will save you some money and also help you do your part to be environmentally conscious.

Here’s the benefits if you regular clean and service your refrigeration units:

1. Prevent the dreaded emergency breakdown.

Just the thought of your walk-in freezer going down is very scary. When your system is regularly checked by a refrigeration expert, problems can be spotted and fixed before the equipment goes down and you lose expensive food items. Regular cleaning also reduces wear on the system and keeps critical parts from breaking down. For example, cleaning evaporator and condenser coils reduces the load on the compressor and minimizes the risk of failure.

2. Mold and Contaminated ice.

Smelly ice can drive your customers away in a hurry, and can even make them sick. Neglected ice machines can carry bacteria and viruses including Salmonella, Listeria and E. coli. In the worst case, you can end up with health code violations and even lawsuits. These problems are caused by dirt and mold accumulating inside your ice maker, which can happen even if the machine has an automatic cleaning cycle. To remedy this situation and prevent it from happening again, schedule a refrigeration maintenance expert to come in at least twice a year, and up to once a month depending on usage, to disassemble the unit and thoroughly clean all components. Make sure your service provider cleans the water lines, bins, and dispensers using products specially designed for ice machines. Cleaning also has the added benefit of increasing the ice yield.

3. Can help in reducing your energy bills.

Maintaining your refrigeration equipment can save between 5 and 10 percent on energy costs by keeping the units running at peak performance. When condenser coils are dirty, your coolers and freezers have to work harder to maintain the temperature inside, using more energy in the process. Your service technician can check temperature settings and defrost frequency settings for maximum efficiency and minimum power consumption.

4. Prolongs the life of your equipment.

Regular maintenance not only makes your equipment work more efficiently, but it also helps it last longer. It’s a vicious cycle: when parts are worn and dirty, the unit runs more frequently causing more wear and tear on the parts. Eventually, the unit breaks down for good long before it should have.

5. Take good care of your equipment.

Preventing these issues is simpler than you think. Call in a qualified refrigeration service technician at least twice a year and up to once a month, depending on the load and usage of your equipment, to do the following tasks such as clean evaporator and condenser coil, check lines for condensation, check for air leaks through cracks, holes, and worn parts like gaskets and seals, check for loose electrical connections and check temperature and defrost settings and calibrate thermometers.

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