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The new world of Covid-19 Compliance

Posted On 6 April 2020

Learning to adapt – Covid-19

Have you noticed the massive amount of resourcefulness over recent weeks? pubs are turning into grocers, restaurants becoming takeaways and parents becoming teachers.  Its amazing how we quickly adapt to new situations when we are required to.

I think that businesses have realised that closing their doors for a couple of weeks is not the answer.  The world is in the middle of a Pandemic which has no end, we close the doors to our business now and when do we get to open them again?  Its a worrying question that requires thought.  It appears now that many that jumped early, like closing or working from home two weeks ago, are already regretting acting too soon, some were forced to others from choice though could we have been more compliant early on and avoided such drastic measures now?

I suggest we are not halfway through this crisis yet.  We must learn to adapt, think through our processes, rise to the challenge and think up and present long term solutions.  We must provide confidence to the government that they can trust our venues to keep customers safe and this will start with spaced seating, limited numbers and probably limited drinks though we also must change the way we clean, cleaning has to be hospital grade, it will cost more yet it will keep venues open , remember it is not out of the question that this becomes endemic, like the common cold we have to learn to live with it, so if that is the case we have to learn how to get back to living a life even if it is somewhat altered.

We have to adapt…

We change the way we seat in pubs, we can limit drinks, we sanitise on entry, we check temps, we do everything we need to do to make it as safe to go into a venue as it is to go shopping in Woolworths….though what we really need to do is clean every surface of every venue all of the time, that is the best way to limit the transmission through surfaces.

General cleaning of floors is not adequate, daily cleaning services now requires touch points, entry exit points, floors, air vents, railings and other areas where human contact is likely, sanitisation using a specific chemical which will destroy the virus, the chemical is sprayed and left on the surface for around 5 minutes before being wiped clear.  This will vastly reduce the risk of spread ia touch in your work premises

At Coreserve we are learning to adapt though its a long road and we learn everyday, our cleaning team are all trained in infection control, our chemicals are only the highest quality hospital grade, our technique adapts to the environment and our customers understand that the cleaning that we do keeps them open and keeps them safe, so everyday we learn to adapt.






Hear from our clients

I’m always impressed with the service from Hayley and the Coreserve helpdesk team. She always listen carefully and she ‘gets it’ very quickly. Hayley responds to questions almost immediately and addresses problems very effectively. She is really easy to deal with and seem to appreciate her customers. I have faith in Hayley and the Coreserve team.
Rachael Cripps, Drummoyne Sailing Club
I have been in the pub game for thirty years now and heard all the cleaning solutions available, to my amazement Coreserve actually delivered what they promised, a good consistent well managed cleaning service to my pub. Thank you Coreserve.
Adam Taylor, The Flynn
As an owner of several hospitality sites, I love the fact that the Coreserve team are an extension of my own team, we rely on Coreserve to clean and maintain our premises, in fact they now build our new venues, everything they do adds value to our business and we thank them for that.
David Wallace
I have found Billy to be very good at explaining the issues and tackling the job, as well as being polite and positive. Talia has been bloody brilliant!….and patient.
Mark McDaid, Westfield

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